Draw widgets using Cairo and expose a Shoes like interface.
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Fancy Widget

Draw widgets using Cairo and expose a Shoes like interface.

Everyone like Shoes, but Shoes cannot meet everyone's requirement, because it is tiny and doesn't have many sophisticated widgets. This reimplementation draws widgets by its own graphic system entirely in Ruby, it is easier to providing a richer set of UI widgets. It is also portable cross platforms and ultimately we can make shoes running on handphones and tablets.

Originally GUI toolkits prefer a native look and feel of the underlying OS because users will become familiar with how one product functions (looks, reads, etc.) and can translate their experience to other products with the same look and feel. However users are now more accustomed to browsing web pages, so the GUI will in favor of simulating look and feel of the web, this is the spirit of shoes!

One of the goodness of Shoes is that _why designed a brilliant GUI DSL in Ruby, we will continue to speak this DSL and refine it. The ability to define DSLs is one of the best things Ruby offered.

Now this project is under initial development, any assistance is appreciated!