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What is this?

A template extension for OPA's Template.default engine.

What is this good for?

To create a meta language that simplifies Twitters bootstrap toolkit even a bit
more. Although it is already quite simple, the readability and usability could
still be improved further.

How can this be used (finally)?

without oxml                            with oxml

<body>                                | <body>
  <div class="container-fluid">       |   <container layout="fluid">
    <div class="sidebar">             |     <sidebar>
      ...                             |       ...
    </div>                            |     </sidebar>
    <div class="content">             |     <content>
      ...                             |       ...
    </div>                            |     </content>
  </div>                              |   </container>
</body>                               | </body>

<div class="row">                     | <row>
  <div class="span4">                 |   <col span="4">
    ...                               |     ...
  </div>                              |   </col>
  <div class="span10 offset2">        |   <col span="10" offset="2">
    ...                               |     ...
  </div>                              |   </col>
</div>                                | </row>

<div class="alert-message warning">   | <alert strength="warning">
  <a class="close" href="#">×</a>     |   <strong>Holy guacamole!</strong>
  <p><strong>Holy guacamole!</strong> |   Best check yo self, you’re not 
    Best check yo self, you’re not    |   looking too good.
    looking too good.</p>             | </alert>
</div>                                |

...                                   | ...

How can I use it?

Import the oxml module and render the page content via Oxml.create(). The
content can either be included from a template file or just as a string. See
main.opa how it is done.

What is still to do?

Completing it. ;)

Allowed tags restriction. For example in <container layout="fluid"> has to be
exactly one <sidebar> and one <content> tag and nothing else. How can this be
invoked? In the same way some tags like <heading> can just allow strings.

Currently this language can just be used via a specified namespace, so every
customized tag has to be like "<o:...>". Is there any way to omit the namespace

How can crashing due to wrong formatting be avoided? Currently just one single
wrong formatted piece of (oxml) code lets (Opa's) template parser reject the
whole thing and outputs escaped source code. There might be a better solution.

Short ending tags (like </> or even identation controlled tags like, in Hamlet)
might be nice.

There might be some problems with tags already used, like "<label>". How can
this be differenced? Same problem might occur with reserved attribute names like
"class" etc.

How can Javascript functionality be implemented? F.e. table sorter, modals,
popovers, etc.


Which philosophy should be followed in case of strictness with the code (error
messages on wrong attribute values / labels or rather default templates)?
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