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" Vim syntax file
" Language: OPA
" Filenames: *.opa
" Maintainers: Raja Boujbel <>
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax") && b:current_syntax == "opa"
syn case match
syn spell default
syn keyword opaType int list char string option float void bool
syn keyword opaIf if then else
syn keyword opaMatch match with end
syn keyword opaKeywords do type and rec as or recursive function
syn keyword opaPackage import import-plugin package
syn keyword opaDatabase database db
syn keyword opaParser parser
syn keyword opaCss css
syn region opaCodeinString matchgroup=opaKeywords start=+[^\\]{+ matchgroup=opaKeywords end=+}+ containedin=opaString,opaHtml contains=ALL
syn region opaString start=+"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+
syn region opaHtml start=+<[^:]\S+ skip=+->+ end=+>+ contains=opaColor,opaString
syn match opaConstructor "\[\s*\]"
syn match opaBypass "%%"
syn match opaFunDef "->"
syn match opaRefAssign "<-"
syn match opaEndStatement ";;"
syn match opaSemiColon ";"
syn match opaPipe "|"
syn match opaAffect "="
syn match opaCoerce ":"
syn match opaDots "\.\.\."
syn match opaUnderscore "\<_\>"
syn match opaOperator "|>"
syn match opaOperator "+>"
syn match opaOperator "<+>"
syn match opaOperator "++"
syn match opaOperator "\^"
syn match opaOperator ">="
syn match opaOperator "<="
syn match opaOperator "\<<\>"
syn match opaOperator "\<>\>"
syn match opaDb "@"
syn match opaDb "?"
syn match opaHtmlIdentifier "#"
syn match opaModule "\<\u\(\w\+\.\?\)\?"
syn match opaDirective "@\w\+\(_\w\+\)\?" containedin=ALLBUT,opaComment,opaOneLineComent
syn match opaHtmlIdentifier "#\l\+\(_\w\+\)\?" containedin=ALLBUT,opaComment,opaOneLineComent,opaString
syn region opaComment start=+/\*+ end=+\*/+ contains=@SpellopaComment,opaOneLineComent
syn match opaOneLineComent "//.*$" contains=@Spell
syn keyword opaTodo TODO FIXME XXX containedin=opaComment,opaOneLineComent
syn match opaNumber "\<-\=\d\(_\|\d\)*[l|L|n]\?\>"
syn match opaNumber "\<-\=0[x|X]\(\x\|_\)\+[l|L|n]\?\>"
syn match opaNumber "\<-\=0[o|O]\(\o\|_\)\+[l|L|n]\?\>"
syn match opaNumber "\<-\=0[b|B]\([01]\|_\)\+[l|L|n]\?\>"
syn match opaFloat "\<-\=\d\(_\|\d\)*\.\(_\|\d\)*\([eE][-+]\=\d\(_\|\d\)*\)\=\>"
syn match opaColor "\#\x\{6}\|\#\x\{6}"
" Char definition according lexer defintion
syn match opaChar "'.'\|'\\[\'nbtr]'\|'\\\d\+'"
syn match opaBraceErr "}"
syn match opaDblBraceErr "}}"
syn match opaBrackErr "\]"
syn match opaParenErr ")"
syn match opaHtmlErr "</>"
syn match opaBypassErr "%%"
syn match opaThenErr "\<else\>"
syn match opaEndErr "\<end\>"
" try to include html syntax
" non concluant : opa syntax est inclu dans html syntax
" syn include @Html syntax/html.vim
syn region opaEncl transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="(" matchgroup=opaKeywords end=")" contains=ALLBUT,opaParenErr
syn region opaEncl transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="{{" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="}}" contains=ALLBUT,opaBraceErr
syn region opaEncl transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="{" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="}" contains=ALLBUT,opaBraceErr
syn region opaEnclBrack transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="\[" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="\]" contains=ALLBUT,opaBrackErr
syn region opaEncl transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="<>" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="</>" contains=ALLBUT,opaHtmlErr,opaModule
syn region opaEncl transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="%%" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="%%" contains=ALLBUT,opaBypassErr
syn region opaBegin transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="\<begin\>" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="\<end\>" contains=ALLBUT,opaEndErr
syn region opaIf transparent matchgroup=opaKeywords start="\<if\>" matchgroup=opaKeywords end="\<then\>" contains=ALLBUT,opaThenErr
syn match opaDbIdentifier "/\w\+\(\(/\w\+\|\[.\+]\)\)*" contains=opaString,opaEnclBrack
syn match opaServer "server\(\s\|\n\|\r\)*="
syn sync minlines=50
syn sync maxlines=500
if !exists("did_opa_syntax_inits")
let did_opa_syntax_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink opaComment Comment
HiLink opaOneLineComent Comment
HiLink opaTodo Todo
HiLink opaString String
HiLink opaStringinString String
HiLink opaModule Include
HiLink opaType Type
HiLink opaKeywords Keyword
HiLink opaMatch Keyword
HiLink opaIf Keyword
HiLink opaDb Keyword
HiLink opaDatabase Keyword
HiLink opaServer Keyword
HiLink opaParser Keyword
HiLink opaCss Keyword
HiLink opaPackage Keyword
HiLink opaFunDef Keyword
HiLink opaRefAssign Keyword
HiLink opaEndStatement Keyword
HiLink opaPipe Keyword
HiLink opaAffect Keyword
HiLink opaCoerce Keyword
HiLink opaSemiColon Keyword
HiLink opaDots Keyword
HiLink opaUnderscore Keyword
HiLink opaOperator Keyword
HiLink opaNumber Number
HiLink opaFloat Float
HiLink opaColor Number
HiLink opaChar Character
HiLink opaConstructor Constant
HiLink opaBraceErr Error
HiLink opaBrackErr Error
HiLink opaParenErr Error
HiLink opaHtmlErr Error
HiLink opaThenErr Error
HiLink opaEndErr Error
HiLink opaHtml Special
HiLink opaDirective Identifier
HiLink opaDbIdentifier Identifier
HiLink opaHtmlIdentifier Identifier
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "opa"
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