Stock Market for Automated Traders
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Stock Market for Automated Traders

This project was developed in January 2014 during Hack@Brown 2014, as a simulated stock market where automated trading algorithms could be tested. We sought to develop a system where stocks could be bought and sold on the the virtual market, and prices/quantities would adjust dynamically just as they would on a real stock market. As well, we created some sample "bots" with rudimentary trading logic that would influence the market with their investment strategies. For example, some bots had "random" trading strategies where they would pick a random stock market, and sell it as soon as possible for an arbitrary price. Others had more complex strategies. We didn't get too far with developing more high-tech bots, or populating a market with large amounts of traders.

In the 24 hour duration of the hackathon, in addition to the testing bots, we created a market with virtual stocks that could be bought and sold by the bots through an API. We ran out of time to test it thoroughly, if memory serves (this README is being written 1.5 years later), but all the basics worked.