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Library for RGBW color sensor Vishay VEML6040 on PSOC 5LP
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Library for RGBW color sensor on PSOC 5LP

General stuff

This example program is written with PSOC Creator 4.1. The hardware used is:

  • CY8CKIT-059 PSOC 5LP Prototyping Kit
  • VEML6040: RGBW color sensor with I2C interface
  • standard LCD display

Warning: Be careful, when you program the PSOC. Always disconnect the PSOC from the sensor while programming. The sensor can only stand up to 3.6 V, so the 5 V from the USB connection could kill it.

How to use

You can copy only the files veml6040.h and veml6040.c into your project to use the sensor. The I2C element in TopDesign is named ICM.

Summary of the funcionality

Function name Function purpose
VEML6040_checkSensor Check if sensor responds. If yes a 0 will be given back, otherwise a 1.
VEML6040_setConfiguration Configure sensor. For further information read data sheet.
VEML6040_getRed Returns the value for red light intensity.
VEML6040_getGreen Returns the value for green light intensity.
VEML6040_getBlue Returns the value for blue light intensity.
VEML6040_getWhite Returns the value for white (= unfiltered) light intensity.
VEML6040_getCCT Returns the correlated color temperature.
VEML6040_getAmbientLight Returns the ambient light in lux.

There are other functions which are used mainly in background.


Jeroen Schäfer


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.


The library content is partially taken from VEML6040 by @thewknd and altered to work with PSOC 5LP.

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