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anti-CSRF Tokens Bruteforce Tool - Nothing can stop us.
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CSRFbruteforce Tool - Nothing can stop us.
anti-CSRF tokens brtuce force

About The Tool
Simple tool for brute forcing logins which are
using anti-CSRF tokens to stop you from brute forcing them

python3 --url --csrf name_csrf_token_in_HTML_form --u admin --fuser user_name_in_HTML_form --passwd password_name_in_HTML_form

Actualy Usage:
python3 --url --csrf csrf_token --u admin --fuser usernmae --passwd password

If some field doesnt have a name set it as ""

If i will see that people want this kind of a tool i will make it more professional and automate everything. PM me in HTB so i will know :)

Tool was written by J3wker aka "Omri Baso"

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