GUI wireless 802.11 penetration tool
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gerix wifi cracker是我最喜欢的BT5上的无线渗透工具,由于Kali使用了QT4并且airmon-ng也升级新版本,原来的版本停止了更新,导致无法使用,趁有空改了一下,现在支持在Kali和Kali 2上运行,并且修复了一些影响正常工作的小问题。

The gerix wifi cracker stopped updating since 2011,it's my favourite wireless 802.11 penetration tool and now it supports old and new airmon-ng which used in Kali and Kali 2.


You need the modules:
qt (v.4)


To launch the program use:
$ python



For copy and paste in xterm windows you can use the shortcuts CTRL-INS
In alternative, you can select the text with the mouse, and use the third
button of the mouse to paste it. On a laptop you can emulate the third button
pressing the first and the second button together.