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Packaged application in VueJs to run on a Windows computer It allows to deport some information of the video games Eurotruck simulator and Americantruck simulator on another device (via the web browser). And thus have an increased immersion in these games.


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Eurotruck Simulator 2 Dashboard skin

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I am working on a new major version for this project.

Why ? The main reason is to upgrade the framework used in this project to the next major version. This is the case to be in accordance with an other development philosophy: It is to improve the knowledge and increase the ability to work on the project as a developer.

Don't panic, version 1.X is still alive. Is entering in bug fixes only. All new features will be introduced in the next major version 2.X.

You can follow the roadmap on this project board

All project around this will be moved into the Unicor'p organisation


The idea with this repository is to update a collection of dashboard from the Funbit repository with the newest SCS SDK, as well as clean up the look and feel for a modern update to an already great app.

The first skins to be reworked are my own dashboards. In the future, all dashboards in the Funbit repository will be included

This project was based on the TruckSim-Telemetry-Demo


You can watch a tutorial on installing and a review by Neranjana Wijesinghe

What is it?

This is a web app which you can use to choose a dashboard skin (Custom or from other truck brand (DAF, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania or Volvo)) for your device to use as a second, independent dashboard . See screenshots here

I've also introduced the possibility to change the unit of measurement to what you prefer. See the full list here

A event overlay can also be configured!

And now, a map integration!

It works on both desktop and mobile browsers.



If you're interested, check the Unicor-p/ts-map project.

More information on the Map readme

The host was deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Many thanks to TwinDragon for maintaining an up to date map tile collection with each new version


See the SCS_Map_Tiles repository for supported games, versions available and download links


Set your locale on the configuration tab

Available locales:


  • OS: Windows 8/8.1/10/11 64-bit
  • Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator
  • SCS SDK plugin: v1.12+
  • Web-browser: Chrome (Desktop and Mobile), Firefox (Desktop and Mobile), Edge (Desktop and Mobile), Safari (Desktop and Mobile)

Important: It dosen't work with all Internet Explorer browsers

Usage instructions


Install scs-sdk-plugin by RenCloud

  • Download the supported version zip v1.12+ at the release page
  • Extract the DLL file into your game folder like C:\your-game-path\bin\win_x64\plugins\ -- Note: If you own the Steam version, you can quickly access the game folder by right-clicking the game in your Steam library, hovering above 'Manage,' and clicking 'Browse local files.' You can proceed to navigate to bin > win_x64 > plugins.


You can use this dashboard without building anything.

You can download the *.tar.gz archive from the release page.

Extract this archive and run the ets2-dashboard-skin_vX.X.X.exe. That's it!

Note: You need to start the game to see the dashboard

Use from desktop device

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. Go to http://localhost:3000

And that's it :D

Use from a mobile device

  1. Find your local IP address for your PC (Find how here)
  2. Open a web browser on your mobile device
  3. Access to the dashboard on your mobile: http://<YOUR_LOCAL_IP>:3000 (e.g.
  4. And voilà! You can enable / disable the fullscreen on tap on the dashboard

Note: Your mobile device AND your PC need to be on the same network

Tip: On an iOS device, you can add the webpage to your home screen like an app! When on the page, tap the Share button, navigate to "Add to home screen," wait ~2 seconds for it to verify, and confirm it. It will go to your home screen and show your neat dashboard shortcut! On Android, you can do the same by tapping the three dot on the top right part of the screen, and tapping "Add to home screen."

If you want to use another port, you can change it in the configuration file.

Breaking changelog

See the readme

Translation changelog

See the readme

Known issues

If you found an issue, please see the Your issue may be already known.


To see all features used into the dashboard, see the readme.


To learn more about the skins integrated or how to add a new skin, see the


To learn more about the configuration, see the


If you want to contribute, see the


Many thanks to

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Under the MIT License

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Packaged application in VueJs to run on a Windows computer It allows to deport some information of the video games Eurotruck simulator and Americantruck simulator on another device (via the web browser). And thus have an increased immersion in these games.




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