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Hi everyone !

Due to moving some project related with this one, I need to perform some adjustment to keep it ready.

You can found these project into the Unicor'p organization

Breaking changes

  • The value of maps_map_tilesRemotePath have been changed. Check the latest breaking change ;)

To see all others changes, see this README


4a83914 - release v1.7.3 (JAGFx)
d024f4a - 📝 apply change in documentation due to moving ts-map project into organization (JAGFx)
3d2759e - ♻️ change tiles repository due to migration into Unicro'p (JAGFx)
f72db98 - 🐛 correct vue insomnia plugin usage (JAGFx)
c597c5d - Update Russian translation for 1.7.2 (#134) (Jonny_Bro (Жоня))
d5ce3ad - 📝 update readme to mark the v1.x in bugfix only (SMITH Emmanuel)
fd07202 - #109 remove bootstrap-vue dependency (JAGFx)
ea51f69 - ⚰️ remove icon bootstrap plugin (JAGFx)
da7b63a - ⬆️ upgrade dependencies (JAGFx)
3b4e08c - ⚰️ remove unused file do to upgrade dependencies (JAGFx)
305b761 - Merge branch 'master' into feat/remove-bootstrap-vue (JAGFx)
166224b - #109 replace bootstrap spinner with fontawesome (SMITH Emmanuel)
f8f3d2d - #109 upgrade dependencies (SMITH Emmanuel)