interactive story made by a kid at GGJ 2016 (Unity + Fungus)
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I'm Not Just A Sheep (Non sono solo una pecora)

an interactive story designed and drawn by a 7yo kid at the Global Game Jam 2016

works on any desktop and tablet device, english + italian.
full open source project under CC



a JAMURR - Kids Make Games production ( )

  • Fabio "Lili" Cecere (game design, story, drawings, son)
  • Stefano "Cecio" Cecere (game dev, additional story, translations, music, dad)


the sources of this game are here:


this game is under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons License Creative.
it was designed by a child for children (but adults could enjoy it anyway ;)
feel free to contribute.. english translations and corrections are really welcome!