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  • New General Multiple worker type (one link lets participants run a study as often as they want)
  • The preview of a Personal Single and a General Single link work in different browsers now (before it was limited to the same browser)
  • Additional columns (Worker Type, Start Date) in Component Results page
  • Export study button in study toolbar

If you update from an version of JATOS < 3.1.12

Since 3.1.12 email addresses are turned into lower case thus making foo@foo.org equal to FOO@foo.org. Therefore you must check before the update whether you have users in JATOS that have the same email but with different capitalization, e.g. foo@foo.org and FOO@foo.org, and delete them so that only one of them remains. You can check which users you have and delete them in your JATOS' User Manager.

Which variant do I need?

  • If you have Java 8 already installed (all OS): jatos-3.3.2.zip
  • No Java 8 installed: Choose according to your OS between
    • jatos-3.3.2_win_java.zip
    • jatos-3.3.2_mac_java.zip (Ignore pop-ups like 'To use the java command-line tool you need to install a JDK' - just press 'OK'.)
    • jatos-3.3.2_linux_java.zip
  • If you prefer Docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/jatos/jatos/