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Alternative Halium installer script

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The difference to the official script from the halium-scripts repository is that this script will prepare the rootfs on your host system instead of on the device. This will make you independent of problems like old TWRP images, no busybox or not-working busyboxes on some devices.

A prebuilt standalone version available here. Alternatively you can just clone this repository and directly use the script.


  • qemu-user-static
  • qemu-system-arm
  • e2fsprogs
  • simg2img


Download TWRP: ./ $device

Install a halium rootfs and systemimage: halium-install -p <mode (reference, neon, ut, debian-pm, debian-pm-caf, none)> <rootfs.tar.gz> <system.img>

Connect to the device: ./ -p $protocol -u $username

Standalone version

If you want to use this shell script independently of this folder, create a standalone script of it by executing bash utils/ You will find the executable in bin/

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