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This is a reddit bot designed to check submission flair. It uses the PRAW library.

What it does:

  • Messages users if their post does not have flair within a preset amount of time
  • Removes posts that do not have flair within a preset amount of time


  • Customize time until message is sent and time until post is removed
  • Customize number of posts checked at a time and number of posts the bot "remembers".
  • Customize time between checks
  • Customizable messages (Includes a function to create a url leading to a preset mod mail message)


  • The PRAW library (found here)
  • A reddit account with moderator status on your subreddit. This account must have at least 2 link karma to function properly. /r/freekarma is a great place to achieve this.


  • Install PRAW
  • Set the username, password, and subreddit_name variables to their appropriate values
  • Change other variables if necessary
  • Run the bot!