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Property Files
Reading data from excel
Saving Screenshots to Word Document
Sending Email
Using Log4j
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Selenium WebDriver Framework – Building blocks

Below is a list of all the articles under 'Building blocks' along with,

  • Links to each article and
  • Corresponding code files to be referred from this repo

10a. Using Apache ANT

10b. Generating JUnit Report

10c. JUnit Report Customization

10d. JUnit Report Customization Contd.

10e. Generating a PDF report

10f. Taking a Screenshot

10g. Saving screenshots to a word document

10h. Advanced WebDriver – Sending email with attachments

10i. Advanced WebDriver - Using property files

10j. Advanced WebDriver - Reading data from excel using POI

10k. Advanced WebDriver - Using log4j Part 1 and 10l. Advanced WebDriver - Using log4j Part 2

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