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FastAPI Serverless AWS API Template

Based on


  • Node installation (tested with v18.7.0)
  • Python
  • Docker (required for packaging dependencies)
    • You can alternatively set dockerizePip to false

Quickstart local

  • Create and activate your Python virtual environment (Python 3.9 recommended)
    • python -m venv .venv
    • source .venv/bin/activate
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run locally with uvicorn main:app --reload
  • Auto-generated docs at:

Configure environments & Deploy

  • Run npm install from the root of this repository
  • Set up AWS credentials (AWS profile or other means)
  • Create a .env file from .env.example for your local environment
  • Create an additional env file each environment you intend to deploy (e.g. .env.staging)
  • Specify the desired domain for your API as the value of the BASE_URL env variable e.g.
    • Create your certificate with Certificate Manager in the us-east-1 region
    • Copy the ARN of the certificate and use it as the value for CERTIFICATE_ARN in .env


  • Ensure that Docker is running (or set dockerizePip to false)
  • Deploy with NODE_ENV=staging sls deploy --stage staging, where staging can be substituted for any environment name.
  • To deploy with specific AWS profile, use the --aws-profile flag, e.g. NODE_ENV=staging sls deploy --stage staging --aws-profile default

Remove deployment

With credentials configured, run:

  • sls remove --stage staging
  • Manually remove the certificate you created for your domain


Template for a deployable Serverless API Gateway Python Lambda API with FastAPI






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