This is the formerly private LiquidSettings code for GB base
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Liquid Settings is a central location for specific settings, instead of cluttering the Android Settings Note: This repository has been moved

*lifecycle of our app so we don't get confused

First Open Splash Screen :SplashActivity -destroys itself after launching Main Screens -users can swipe left to -1 through numeric progression on README.Progression -users can swipe right to +1 through said list -ALL Activities must follow this Progression list (excluding splash screen)

Progression {

//TODO how to handle swipes when we are at list ends // ie. end of list can be debounced, reset to 1, or reset to 6 thus reloading same activity or ignore the swipe in that direction entirely

  1. MainActivity
  2. GoodiesActivity
  3. PerformanceActivity
  4. OverclockingActivity
  5. ApplicationsActivity
  6. SparePartsActivity


TODO we should add 3 panels on top of each screen to show what activity is next (+1) or prev (-1) on Progression