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Welcome to the Pandaros.Settlers wiki!

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Note: Right clicking on a berry bush now gives you 2 berries to help you recover from a wipe of your colonists early game.


  • Research!
  • Settlers!
  • Game Difficulties!
  • Builders Wand!
  • Bosses!
  • Armor!
  • Weapons!
  • Food!
  • Machines!
  • Decorative Blocks!
  • Trains
  • Player Magic Items
  • Mana Pumps, Pipes and Tanks
  • Mana Powered Machines
  • Mana Powered Propulsion Platform
  • In game Wiki Help menu
  • Colony Management Tool - Move jobs around, get information on each colonist and the player. Manage armor and weapons for players/colonists.
  • Sounds! Tons of sounds, makes your colony feel active and alive!
  • Item stats on toolips in Stockpile
  • Colony founding date/time in colony menu
  • Basic anti-grief that will not allow anyone not invited to your colony to change blocks in it.
  • New ore types!


  • Knights!
  • Machinists! - maintains non mana machines
  • Apothecary! - Crafts magical reagents and healing items that are used by you and your colonists.
  • Train Conductor (for Propulsion Platform)
  • Advanced Crafter - Crafts all kinds of machines
  • Artificer - maintains mana machines
  • Sorcerer - crafts magical armor, weapons and player items
  • Architect - Builds minecraft schematics


  • Happiness lowered when beds are too close
  • Happiness lowered for 1 in game day when colonists are bought while settlers are enabled.
  • Happiness lowered when there are not enough beds for settlers
  • Happiness lowered when there are not enough jobs for settlers
  • Guards attack slower when you do not have enough happiness

For /loot item names they are under the types node!

Auto Updater!

The mod will check Github once an hour for an update. The server console will notify you when a restart is required to apply the update. You may also use the /settlersversion command in game to check if there is a update or if the server restart is required.

To install!

Head on over to Releases and grab the latest version.

unzip into mods folder in Steam\steamapps\common\Colony Survival\gamedata\mods\

The mod should be in \Steam\steamapps\common\Colony Survival\gamedata\mods\Pandaros\Settlers\

Alternatively, you can use the Mod Manager

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