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Bosses can be disabled with the chat command /bosses [on|off]

All bosses will have the Boss icon above their heads! Bosses can spawn at ANY TIME. Bosses Spawn monsters with them even if monsters are off. They are NOT night time exclusive. Bosses will NOT spawn while you are offline. Bosses have elemental armor and are effected by different damage types. Attacks on bosses also have a 5% dodge unless otherwise noted.

If a boss cannot spawn because there is no path to your banner, a 15% food penalty will be deducted from your food. This will happen every time a boss is attempted to spawn.

Boss Icon:



Name Description Armor Type Additional DR
Zombie Queen The Zombie Queen has the power to teleport herself or her zombies directly to your colonists. Cute but deadly! Water None
Juggernaut A bit slower than regular zombies, but this guy packs a punch and can take crazy amounts of damage! Almost guarantee death if he hits you. Juggernaut has 0% dodge rate. Physical 40% ALL (Not Void)
Hoarder Is a zombie invasion where the Hoarder shows up! The bodies are going to pile up for all his extra friends! Water 15% Physical
Zombie King The Zombie king massively increases the HP of all Zombies while he is alive! Fire 20% Physical
Bulging Zombie When the Bulging Zombie dies, he releases a slew of zombies in his place. Air 15% Physical
Putrid Corpse Deals damage to any colonist or player that comes within 20 blocks of him. Very deadly. Earth 15% Physical
Phase Attacks against Phase have a 35% miss chance! Water 20% Air
Fallen Ranger Has a ranged bow attack that deals moderate amounts of damage. Can shoot very far! Earth 15% Physical
Jack-b-Nimble Jack is super quick! He moves so fast that even the most skilled guards have a 10% chance to miss him! Air 20% Fire
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