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Builders Wand!

James Burlison edited this page Nov 29, 2018 · 4 revisions

The builders wand copies the block you target with it. Left clicking with the wand selected will create a wire frame centered on the block you clicked going out 75 blocks in each direction. If you left click again, the wire frame will be replaced with the block you targeted when you placed it. Right clicking while the wire frame is showing will cancel the placement of the blocks. You must have the blocks available in your stockpile! The builders wand has the ability to place 750 blocks until it runs out of magic and turns to dust. This can be upgraded by research up to 2000 blocks!

You can click on any side of a block. The wireframe will construct until there is no more blocks to run along unil it reaches another block is in its path or if it reaches 75 blocks in length from the origin point.


The builders wand has 4 modes:

  • Horizontal - Creates a line horizontally, if created on flat ground, it will go in all 4 directions. Imgur
  • Vertical - Creates a line on a wall, vertically. builders Wand
  • TopAndBottomX - for building on top or the bottom of blocks in a line on the X axis
  • TopAndBottomZ - for building on top or the bottom of blocks in a line on the Z axis Imgur
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