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Configuration File

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The configuration file is located here by default:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Colony Survival\gamedata\savegames\*WORLD-NAME*\Pandaros.Settlers.json

Note: you must start the mod at least once for it to generate the configuration file.

The command /settlersconfig will reload the configuration file.


Setting Default Value Description
DifficutlyCanBeChanged true Allows players on the server to set their own difficulty, otherwise uses DefaultDifficulty
DefaultDifficulty Medium The name of the default difficulty new players of the server will start on
MinDifficulty Normal Minimum difficulty a player is allowed to set. This is the lowest of the difficulties Rank attribute
TeleportPadsRequireMachinists false When set to false, the teleport pads will not require maintenance from a machinist.
TeleportPadCooldown 15 Cool down time between uses of the teleport pads for each player. Prevents being "bounced" between 2 pads uncontrollably.
MinBossSpawnTimeSeconds 900 Minimum time in seconds between boss spawns.
MaxBossSpawnTimeSeconds 1800 Maximum time in seconds between boss spawns.
BossesCanBeDisabled true disables the /bosses on/off command on the server.
MinColonistsCountForBosses 100 The minimum number of colonists required to get a boss spawn event
MaxSettlersToggle 4 Max number of times a player can turn settlers on or off. 0 to disable toggling of settlers
SettlersEnabled true Settlers enabled true will make it so settlers are enabled by default when people join the server. false to disable settlers for people by default when they join the server.
ColonistsRecruitment true When true allows players to recruit colonists while settlers are enabled. When false, disables the ability to buy colonists after 10 colonists have been recruited and settlers are enabled. If settlers are disabled, colonists will always be able to be recruited, ignoring this setting.
AutoUpdate true When true checks github for an update once per hour. when there is an update, it automatically installs it. Requires server restart to apply. You can used the settlersversion to see if there is a pending restart.
AntigriefEnabled true When enabled, players that are not in you colony cannot edit block near your flag. Note: A player with Pandaros.Settlers.Permissions.Antigrief or god can build in antigrief areas

Note: Boss HP is based on number of colonists. See Difficulties

Difficulty Settings:

Setting Description
Name Display Name of the difficulty
Rank Rank from lowest being the easiest difficulty, and higher numbers being harder difficulties
FoodMultiplier A float based food multiplier. Makes colonists eat more food. 1.25 for example would be 125%
MachineThreashHold The threashhold for machines repair/refuel and reload. It will add this number to the default threshold of 1.00 (100%). The higher the threshold the less often machines need to be maintained. a negative number will make machines need to be maintained more often.
MonsterDamageReduction A float based flat damage reduction for all monsters. 0.35 for example would be 35% reduction
ZombieQueenTargetTeleportHp Max HP the zombie queen will teleport
BossHPPerColonist A flat hp increase to per colonist in the colony.
ZombieQueenTargetTeleportCooldownSeconds Cooldown seconds between zombie queen teleport.
AdditionalChance A flat damage increase to monster attacks.
TimeUnhappyAfterColonistDeathSeconds How many seconds colonists will be unhappy for after UnhappinessPerColonistDeath.
UnhappinessPerColonistDeath A flat damage happiness decrease per colonist death.
UnhappyGuardsMultiplyRate Number to multiply the guard slow by 5% min 25% max guard slow multiplied by this number.
MonsterHPPerColonist A flat hp increase to per colonist in the colony.
UnhappyColonistsBought A flat happiness decrease for each colonist bought.
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