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Settlers! They are back! Settlers will occasionally find your colony and settle there! Make sure you have plenty of food, jobs and beds available! This will help you attract more people.

Settlers have a few new researches:

  • Increased colony discovery rate by settlers
  • Increased Maximum possible Settlers when your colony is discovered
  • Increased Minimum possible Settlers when your colony is discovered
  • Skilled worker chance
  • Number of skilled workers

Colonists can be recruited the traditional way at a very steep cost of 5 additional compounding cost per colonists you recruit plus the base cost of 50. The additional cost is only applied when you have more than 10 colonists. For Example, the first colonist will cost 50, second 55, third 60, ect... This resets after 24 in game hours of not buying any colonists. A message will be displayed when it has reset.

Skilled workers have additional chance (up to 2%) to discover SUPER rare materials when crafting specific recipes. Most base drop rates of these rare mats are 3% with the possibility of gaining someone who is skilled for an up to additional 2%.

Any colonist will become skilled after crafting a specific amount of items. That number of items goes up as the colonists skill level goes up. The Max skill level is 2.5%. This will give super rare mats a 5.5% chance drop rate.

Colonists with no job, bed or the threat of running out of food will leave. You will need to keep them happy and safe. If a colonists leaves, he will take a % of your food or maybe even some items! It's a tough world out there, a persons gotta eat.

To turn settlers off for your server, go to the Configuration and set "SettlersEnabled" to false. If you also want it so the player cannot enable them, set "MaxSettlersToggle" to 0.

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