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import os
import qrtools
def read_qr_codes(directory, search_term, verbose=True):
# initalize a list for holding our hits
matches = []
# for each qr image in the directory ....
for f in os.listdir(directory):
img_path = os.path.join(directory, f)
code = qrtools.QR(filename=img_path)
# check if we can decode the image
if code.decode():
# convert the code to a string
code_value = code.data_to_string()
# if verbose is toggled, output the qr code values
if verbose: print img_path + ", " + code_value
#if we find the search term add it to the matches list
if search_term in code_value:
matches.append({img_path: str(code_value)})
print "Could not decode:", img_path
#print all the matches
print len(matches), "match(es) were found:"
for finding in matches:
for key in finding:
print key + ', ' + finding[key]
read_qr_codes('/root/Desktop/day9/output','ADCTF_', False)