Compile is a simple, elegant contacts app, with a new twist on information syncing and intergrity.
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/kəmˈpīl/ - produce (something, especially a list, report, or book) by assembling information collected from other sources.

= Compile is a simple, elegant contacts app, with a new twist on information syncing and intergrity. What's different about Compile is that it dynamically updates contact information by pulling data from social services such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as from a master contact that the contact subject possesses.

Compile is different.


= Aaron recently moved from his home in Redmond, Washington to Mountain View, California. Once Aaron is settled in his new residence, there is a major logisitcal issue on ensuring that all his friends and family know about his new address. Traditionally, Aaron would have to manually inform all his friends and family about his new address. Compile aims to make the process much easier. With Compile, all Aaron has to do, is update his master contact of himself, and his updates are available and reflected on every other person that possesses his contact.

Social Intergration

Compile aims to show as much useful information in an elegant manner. Sometimes, presenting too much information at once can appear to be convoluted and difficult to interpret. While designing Compile, we aimed to strike a perfect balance between the amount of information presented and how it is presented to the user. Today, a person has their personal information spread across multiple services. Early on, we knew that tapping into these services will be invaluable for Compile.

Compile has the ability to connect to social networks and pull useful information. Latest updates or tweets are just some of the information that Compile will be able to provide.

By no means will Compile serve as a replacement for a dedicated social network client.