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Jesus College MCR site

This theme is based on the Agency bootstrap theme

How to use

Committee members

Change this in the _config.yaml. The images go in img/team.


The 'services', gradcon and 3mt entries are all just posts. Use the categories to tell Jekyll where in the site to put them.

Font awesome icons

fa icons are used extensively. While usually the fa gives this away, in the _config.yaml the contact details icons are also fa icons with the fa stripped (meaning pretty much anything can be linked to).

Live site

View this theme in action here

Updating the site

The site is compiled with Jekyll, and hosted on Zeus (student server).

Big updates

To update, fork the repo, make changes (and push the changes back), then cd to folder with site, and run jekyll build. You will likely have to edit the _config.yaml as the source of the code and destination for the compiled site are currently pre-specified for James' machine. You need ruby and to install some gems to run Jekyll. On unix (osx,linux) this will be $ gem install jekyll. Unsure what a windows workflow would be.

Once compiled - chuck up in the root of the gradsoc/public_html folder in zeus.

Small non-urgent updates

These can be made directly to the github files (so no need to have Jekyll access), but changes won't appear in the site till someone else re-compiles.