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@JCMais JCMais released this 03 Jun 01:16
· 476 commits to develop since this release

The Release That Took So Long

Breaking Change

  • Dropped support for Node.js 4 and 6
  • Prebuilt binary is now statically built with brotli, libssh2, nghttp2, OpenSSL and zlib. brotli, OpenSSL, nghttp2 and zlib versions match their respective versions used by Node.js.
  • The minimum libcurl version being tested is now 7.50.0, which itself is almost 3 years old.
    The addon will still try to be compatible with old versions up to 7.32.0, but there are no guarantees.
  • Curl.reset now correctly resets their instance (#141)
  • Previously Curl.code had all Curl codes into a single enum like object, that is, it included properties for each CURLMCode, CURLcode and CURLSHcode libcurl enums.
    Now they are separated, each on their own object:
    CURLMCode -> Multi.code
    CURLcode -> Curl.code
    CURLSHCode -> Share.code
  • DEBUGFUNCTION now receives a Buffer as the data argument, instead of a string.
  • Easy.send and Easy.recv now return an object, { code: CurlCode, bytesSent: number } and { code: CurlCode, bytesReceived: number } respectively.
  • Curl class: removed _ prefix from their private members.
    Only a breaking change in case you were using internal methods.
  • Curl class: methods onData and onHeader renamed to defaultWriteFunction and defaultHeaderFunction.
    Only a breaking change in case you were using internal methods.
  • Curl class: deprecated instance fields onData and onHeader were removed.
    Use options WRITEFUNCTION and HEADERFUNCTION respectively.
  • Curl.dupHandle, argument shouldCopyCallbacks was removed, it was the first one.
    This is not needed anymore because the previously set callbacks (onData and onHeader) can now only be set using their respective libcurl options, which is always copied when duplicating a handle.
  • Curl.multi moved to Multi.option
  • Curl.share moved to Share.option
  • Following members were moved to their own export:
    Curl.auth -> CurlAuth
    Curl.pause -> CurlPause
    Curl.http -> CurlHttpversion
    Curl.feature -> CurlFeature
    Curl.lock -> CurlShareLock
    Curl.header -> CurlHeader -> CurlInfoDebug
    Curl.netrc -> CurlNetrc
    Curl.chunk -> CurlChunk
    Curl.filetype -> CurlFileType
    Curl.fnmatchfunc -> CurlFnMatchFunc
    Curl.ftpauth -> CurlFtpAuth
    Curl.ftpssl -> CurlFtpSsl
    Curl.ftpmethod -> CurlFtpMethod
    Curl.rtspreq -> CurlRtspRequest
    Curl.ipresolve -> CurlIpResolve
    Curl.proxy -> CurlProxy
    Curl.pipe -> CurlPipe
    Curl.usessl -> CurlUseSsl
    Curl.sslversion -> CurlSslVersion
    Curl.sslversion.max -> CurlSslVersionMax
    Curl.ssh_auth -> CurlSshAuth
    Curl.timecond -> CurlTimeCond
    Easy.socket -> SocketState
    And their fields were changed from SNAKE_CASE to PascalCase.
    The change in casing was to follow Typescript's Enum naming convention.
  • Curl.protocol also moved to their own export CurlProtocol, no changes were made to fields casing in this case.
  • Passing non-integer option value to Multi.setOpt will now throw an error.
    Previously the value was converted to 1 if it was a truthy value, or 0 if otherwise.


  • Fix SigAbort caused by calling v8 AsFunction on null value at Easy::SetOpt
  • Fix SegFault during gargage collection after process.exit (#165)
  • Using curl_socket_t without libcurl version guard on Easy::GetInfo


  • Support Node.js 12
  • Added missing options:
  • Add missing info fields:
  • Add Curl.getVersionInfo() which returns an object that represents the struct returned from curl_version_info().
    See their type definition for details: [./lib/types/CurlVersionInfoNativeBinding.ts](./lib/types/
  • Add Curl.getVersionInfoString() which returns a string representation of the above function.
    It should be almost identical to the one returned from curl -V.
  • Add Curl.isVersionGreaterOrEqualThan(x, y, z) to help test if the libcurl version the addon was built against is greater or equal than x.y.z.
  • Add upkeep function to Easy and Curl classes. This is a binding for the curl_easy_upkeep() function.
  • Errors thrown inside callbacks are correctly caught / passed forward (if using multi interface)
  • All Curl instances now set their USERAGENT to node-libcurl/${packageVersion} during creation.
    You change the default user agent string by changing Curl.defaultUserAgent, and disable it by setting their value to null.
  • CurlWriteFunc and CurlReadFunc enums with special return codes for their respective options, WRITEFUNCTION and READFUNCTION.
  • Added experimental curly(url: string, options: {}) / curly.<http-verb>(url: string, options: {}) async api.
    This API can change between minor releases.


  • Migrated project to Typescript and added type definitions
  • Bumped libcurl version used on Windows to 7.64.1, which has nghttp2 support
  • Added the Curl instance that emitted the event as the last param passed to events, can be useful if using anonymous functions as callback for the events.
      // ...
      curl.on('end', (statusCode, data, headers, curlInstance) => {
         // ...
  • Fix erratic condition when setting option HEADERFUNCTION (#142)
  • macOS libs should be linked against @rpath (#145)

Special Thanks to @koskokos2 for their contributions to this release.