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JCTools Benchmarks

This project contains performance tests designed to strech the queue implementations and expose contention as well as providing some baseline quantities to consider when doing back of the envelope estimations. The benchmarks cover some basic operation costs, latency (for a SPSC usecase) and throughput.

Building the benchmarks

The benchmarks are maven built and involve some code generation for the JMH part. As such it is required that you run 'mvn clean install' on changing the code. As the codebase is rather small it is recommended that you run this command from the parent folder to avoid missed changes from other packages.

Running the benchmarks: General

It is recommended that you consider some basic benchmarking practices before running benchmarks:

  1. Use a quiet machine with enough CPUs to run the number of threads you mean to run.
  2. Set the CPU freq to avoid variance due to turbo boost/heating.
  3. Use an OS tool such as taskset to pin the threads in the topology you mean to measure.

The benchmarks included are both JMH benchmarks(under org.jctools.jmh) and some handrolled benchmarks (under org.jctools.handrolled). At the moment the queue type is set using a system property 'q.type' though in the near future we should switch to using JMH parameters where possible for JMH. Note that all SPSC benchmarks can be used to test MPMC/SPMC/MPSC queues as they cover a particular case for those.

Running the JMH Benchmarks

To run all JMH benchmarks:

java -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar -f <number-of-forks> -wi <number-of-warmup-iterations> -i <number-of-iterations>

To list available benchmarks:

java -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar -l

Some JMH help:

java -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar -h


To run the throughput benchmark for queue type 7 (queue type numbers are set in the TypeQueueFactory class):

java -Dq.type=7 -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar ".*.QueueThroughput.*"

This particular benchmark allows the testing of multiple consumers/producer threads by using thread groups:

java -Dq.type=7 -jar target/microbenchmarks.jar ".*.QueueThroughput.*" -tg 4,4

The tg option will set 4 consumers and 4 producers to the benchmark. You can play with the other options as decribed in the JMH help.

Running the handrolled benchmarks

The handrolled benchmarks are currently only covering SPSC throughput. These can be run by directly invoking the class:

java -Dq.type=7 -cp target/microbenchmarks.jar org.jctools.handrolled.throughput.spsc.QueuePerfTest