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The original was simple, on a single page application, show a list of all teams ranked by ELO. Many people in the FRC data science community look down on ELO ranking systems, so we're going to mix it up a bit. In addition it would show any accolades of teams (for example if they made it to FRC Top 25, or the last time they were on Einstein), and show a graph of ELO over time on the teams' page. Unfortunately it wasn't designed to scale very well, so the site itself was around 20MB, since you needed to download the rankings for ALL teams. In addition in order to calculate the ELOs for teams with new match data, it would calculate from the beginning. Unfortunately this means that around the start of the season, 2000 matches won't take that long, but nearing the end of the season you have around 20,000 matches. We had implemented caching to not make expensive requests to TBA, but it should only recalculate the scores for matches that are dependant on those specific previous scores. So, this is the staging ground for frc-gg.


  • Log in with jinlai
  • All pages with server side rendering to ensure a mininum payload size.
  • List of on-going stacked-events (which events have the highest avg. elo).
  • Admin view for team accolades.
  • Have a queue for match data that needs to be imported from TBA.
  • Have a queue for matches that need to be recalculated
  • Have a view for each Competition
  • Have a view for each Team
  • Earn geckos for signing in everyday. What are geckos? Well, that's what frc-gg is all about: frc-to-get-geckos.
    • it should be noted that geckos have zero real-world value. You cannot buy geckos, you cannot sell geckos. geckos have no value. Don't buy things with geckos. I just want to build a fake alipay. Anyone using geckos for any purpose other than to flex on other people will get banned.
  • Leaderboards showing who has the most geckos
    • You will never earned a prize for having geckos.
  • Bet on event outcomes with geckos.
    • We've all been there. There's a team who wins your local regional every single year. Well now you can bet on them, so even if you lose, you can still win.
  • Transfer geckos in person
    • There are some weird bets that you can't make on the site (I bet 181 does their cheer during their 2nd semifinals match). Scan a QR code of another user to send geckos their way (it should be noted that p2p transfers of geckos will be held in Escrow until approved by an admin, in order to allow admins to review account activity for unapproved usage of geckos).
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