Git Extender is a plugin for jet brains products, like IntelliJ IDEA, which offers the option of updating all local branches that track a remote one for all git roots in the project
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Git Extender

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Git Extender is a plugin for IntelliJ products, which allows updating all local branches of all modules in the current project.

It will update all local branches of all git roots (most usually defined as separate modules) in the current project.

Local branches that will be updated are the branches that exist locally and have been configured to track a remote branch.

It tries to fast-forward commits in remote branches to local branches. If the local branch cannot be merged to the tracked remote using fast-forward only, and the respective setting has been enabled through File->Settings->Other Settings->GitExtender Settings then a simple merge will be attempted. If there are conflict errors, it will be aborted and an error notification will be shown. In this case, the update must be performed manually for the reported branch.

After updating a branch, if there were any file changes, they will be displayed in IntelliJ Version Control tab. Currently, the correct list of file changes (updated, created, removed) will be displayed. However, when performing a diff for files in a branch other than the currently checked out, the diff will most probably be incorrect.

This plugin is available under Apache License, Version 2.0