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//To do: Add packet types: S-time sync request, T-current time (response to request)
// Add a bool property to indicate whether to operate as a time server (default false),
// don't respond to T-packets unless set to true.
// Arduino XBee Library for GroveStreams Wireless Sensor Network.
// This work by Jack Christensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0,
// A naming convention is used for the XBee Node Identifier (NI command) to
// identify the node to GroveStreams and also specify the timing and
// frequency of data transmission.
// The XBee NI must be set as follows. No validity checking is done;
// failure to follow the format exactly will result in undefined behaviour.
// Node Identifier Format: CompID_ssmmnnww
// Where CompID is a one- to eight-character name*,
// _ is a single underscore character,
// ss gives the second to transmit on, 0 <= ss < 60,
// mm is the transmission interval in minutes, 1 <= mm < 100,
// nn is the number of minutes to offset transmissions, 0 <= nn < mm,
// ww is the number of seconds to wake a sleeping node before the
// transmit time to read sensors, etc., 0 <= ww < 100.
// *This name is used as the GroveStreams Component ID.
// Each XBee on a given network (PAN ID) should have a unique CompID name.
// The parameters ss, nn and ww are intended for nodes whose transmission is precisely
// controlled by an accurate time source such as an RTC, NTP, GPS, etc.
// For example, nodeA_10010000 will transmit once a minute at ten seconds after the minute.
// nodeB_10050000 will transmit once every five minutes at ten seconds after the minute,
// e.g. 00:00:10, 00:05:10, 00:10:10, etc.
// nodeC_10050100 will transmit once every five minutes at ten seconds after the minute,
// but offset one minute from nodeB, e.g. 00:01:10, 00:06:10, 00:11:10, etc.
#ifndef _GSXBEE_H
#define _GSXBEE_H
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <avr/wdt.h>
#include <Streaming.h> //
#include <XBee.h> //
const uint8_t PAYLOAD_LEN(84); //maximum payload length for XBee ZB modules is 84 bytes
const char SOH = 0x01; //start of header
const char STX = 0x02; //start of text
enum xbeeReadStatus_t
//a union between a 32-bit integer and a 4-byte array
union charInt_t {
char c[4];
uint32_t i;
class gsXBee : public XBee
bool begin(Stream &serial, bool resetXBee = true);
xbeeReadStatus_t waitFor(xbeeReadStatus_t stat, uint32_t timeout);
xbeeReadStatus_t read(void);
void sendCommand(uint8_t* cmd);
void sendData(char* data);
void sendData(char packetType, uint8_t* data, uint8_t len);
void requestTimeSync(uint32_t utc);
void sendTimeSync(uint32_t utc);
void setSyncCallback( void (*fcn)(uint32_t) ); //set the time sync callback function
void mcuReset(uint32_t dly = 0 );
char compID[10]; //our component ID
uint8_t txSec; //transmit on this second, 0 <= txSec < 60
uint8_t txInterval; //transmission interval in minutes, 0 <= txInterval < 100
uint8_t txOffset; //minute offset to transmit, 0 <= txOffset < txInterval
uint8_t txWarmup; //seconds to wake before transmission time, to allow sensors to produce data, etc.
uint8_t assocStatus; //association status as returned in response from the AI command
int8_t rss; //received signal strength, dBm
bool disassocReset; //flag to reset MCU when XBee disassociation occurs
bool isTimeServer; //if server, responds to requests for current time; else uses callback function to set time.
char packetType; //D = data packet, S = time sync packet
uint32_t msTX; //last XBee transmission time from millis()
XBeeAddress64 sendingAddr; //address of node that sent packet
XBeeAddress64 destAddr; //destination address
uint16_t firmwareVersion;
char atCmdRecd[4]; //the AT command responded to in an AT Command Response packet (two chars with zero terminator)
char sendingCompID[10]; //sender's component ID from received packet
char payload[PAYLOAD_LEN]; //XBee payload
bool parsePacket(void);
void buildDataPayload(void);
void getRSS(void);
void parseNodeID(char* nodeID);
void copyToBuffer(char* dest, uint32_t source);
uint32_t getFromBuffer(char* source);
void (*timeSyncCallback)(uint32_t); //user function called to set the time when a sync packet is received (if not a time server)
char tsCompID[10]; //time sync requestor's component ID
ZBTxStatusResponse zbStat;
AtCommandResponse atResp;
ModemStatusResponse zbMSR;
ZBRxResponse zbRX;
ZBTxRequest zbTX;