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Whistling Lobsters 2.0 backend with Django and Postgres
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Alternative LessWrong 2 API backend with Django and Postgres


First, git clone this repository or your fork:

git clone

cd accordius

Next we create a virtual environment for accordius:

virtualenv --python=python3 env_accordius

Activate the virtual environment:

source env_accordius/bin/activate

Install dependencies with pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running The Server

You should do this each time you update from upstream and want to run the server

Make and apply migrations:

./ makemigrations

./ migrate

Run the server:

./ runserver


If you'd like to run the server on a different port you can use the ipaddress:port syntax like so:

./ runserver

For more information see:

./ help runserver

And the settings reference in the Django documentation:

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