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(C) 2019 Jack Betteridge ( and James Grant (

This repository contains NBfancy, a tool for adding decoration and extended features to Jupyter notebooks. The code was developed by Jack Betteridge and James Grant for the development of programming training material: arc-bath and arc-lessons.


The install contains the tools which make up the build system for enriching notebooks, and by way of example, also contains the documentation in the form of a tutorial. This material will assist users in creating their own courses, as both a lesson and demonstration of NBfancy's capabilities.

Jupyter notebooks were chosen as the medium for out training material as:

  • They use markdown which is simple to use even for those not familiar.
  • Modifying individual codeblocks is intuitive compared with Sphinx/Jekyll builds.
  • We like being able to mix markdown and executable codeblocks in training material.

In order to retain these features we created NBfancy to process initial notebooks into enriched Jupyter notebooks for interactive use by students, html pages for lesson material and pdfs for distribution as printouts (coming in a future release).

The documentation/tutorial is available online in rendered html

The library has recently undergone a signficant refactoring so please raise an issue if you encounter any trouble using nbfancy or incosistencies in the documentation.

Contributions to NBfancy

If you would like to contribute to NBfancy please fork the repository and create a pull request against the development branch.

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