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Full-stack developer technical challenge for those wanting to join the JDLT team 🚀
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JDLT full-stack developer challenge

We're hoping to see how you approach a challenge and what sort of standards you use in your code so please feel free to be as creative as you like.

The job spec will help you understand what we'd like to see.


  • NPM / Yarn


From the project root folder:

$ npm install


$ yarn

Then it's over to you!

Please demonstrate:

  • Selecting suppliers and products in the drop-downs
  • A round-trip to a server pulling back prices
  • Displaying the returned data in the grid
  • Anything else you'd like to show us

Sample data

Supplier Product Price (£)
New Co Ltd Small wongle 5
New Co Ltd Large wongle 8
New Co Ltd Super wongle 12
Old Co Ltd Mini wongle 4
Old Co Ltd Small wongle 6
Old Co Ltd Large wongle 9
Old Co Ltd Super wongle 13
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