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Version 1.4

How to use :

var element = DOMBuilder("input#id.myClass[type=checkbox][checked][^foo=bar]");

is the same as :

var element = document.createElement("input"); = "id";
element.className = "myClass";
element.type = "checkbox";
element.checked = "checked";
element.setAttribute("data-foo", "bar");

When you create an HTML node, the optional second argument is an options object :

DOMBuilder("input#id.myClass[type=checkbox][checked]", {
    on : {
    	click : function(){ = "red";

DOMBuilder aims to support IE6+, FF3+, Safari 3+, Chrome 2+ and Opera 9+. If some features don't work, it's a bug.

How to create a comment :


How to create a Text Node :

DOMBuilder('"my text"');

You don't need to escape the quotes marks.

How to create an HTML node :


The first argument is a CSS selector.

If your second attribute is String, this string will be the value of the content attribute.

List of properties of the optional object

attr : Object of attributes. Example :

DOMBuilder("label", {
        attr : {
            "title" : "my title",
            "for" : "myelement",
            "id" : "myid",
            "class" : "myclassname"

If you don't want to quote the attributes' name, you must use className for the CLASS attribute and htmlFor for the FOR attribute

childNodes : An Array of the child nodes of the element. The elements of the array can be an HTMLElement Object, an Array or a String. If it's a String, the DOMBuilder function will be called and the String will be the first argument. If it's an Array, it will be the arguments of the DOMBuilder function. Example :

DOMBuilder("div#myDiv", {
    childNodes: [
            "<!--a comment-->", // This will create a comment
        "'Commedia dell'arte'", // This will create a Text Node (DON'T ESCAPE THE APOSTROPHE)
        "img[src=myimage.jpeg]", // This will create an image
        ["img", {
                attr: {
                    src: "myimage.jpeg"
        ] // This is the same

The HTML code of the element that is generated should look like this :

<div id="myDiv"><span></span><!--a comment-->Commedia dell'arte<img src="myimage.jpeg"><img src="myimage.jpeg"></div>

content : String. Same as value for <INPUT> and <TEXTAREA>, script for <SCRIPT>, css for <STYLE> and html for other HTML tags.

css : String. For all element, except STYLE, see style. For STYLE HTML elements, the content of the element.

cssText : String. See style.

documentFragment : Boolean. Embed the element in a document fragment

fragment : Boolean. See documentFragment

href : String. The value of the element's href attribute. It will be converted to a long URL (ex : "index.html" will become "")

html : String. The innerHTML of the element. Works for all element excepts singleton tags (BR, HR, META, ...), SCRIPT (use script or content), STYLE (use css or content), INPUT and TEXTAREA (use value).

jQuery : Function or Boolean. The jQuery function. If specified, we'll use the ".on()" jQuery function to append the events. Example :

DOMBuilder("label", {
        jQuery : window.jQuery

on : Object of events listeners. Example :

DOMBuilder("div", {
        on: {
            mouseover : function(){
                   = "green";
            mouseout : function(){
                   = "red";

src : String. The value of the element's src attribute. It will be converted to a long URL (ex : "index.html" will become "")

style : String. STYLE attribute of the element. Example :

DOMBuilder("div", {
        style : "font-weight:bold;"

tableBeautifier : Boolean. The table beautifier is a functionnality that automatically add TBODY, TR, TD tags in your tables when you have to insert them. You can turn it off with a Boolean value or 0.

DOMBuilder("table", {
    childNodes : ["tbody"],
    tableBeautifier : false

text : String. The text of the Text Node that will be the only child node of the element

DOMBuilder("div", {
    text : "<text>"

title : String. The value of the element's title property.

value : String. The value of the defaultValue property of INPUT and TEXTAREA elements and the value of the OPTION elements.

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