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Update and added CHT Files

It's finally out! 😫

- Some cosmetic changes

- Complete cheat list revamp!

     * List now separates cheat name and code for easy identification

     * Cheat codes have been edited to show more details like pointer value, etc (Thanks to TylerMods#6528 for the feedback!)

     * Persona 5 is the only game not edited as above (This is due to the massive size of codes and cheats available - I will work on this at later time)

- Updated with opt out links

- Changed site status page to

- Updated Guides / Tutorials section with 5.05 items

- Added links to FPKG locations

- Added links to new forked version of PS4 Cheater (5.05 supported!)

- Added links to TylerMods's PS4 Trainer and Shiningami's PS4 Lazy Cheater

- Added Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 (CUSA02624) and CHT file for 4.55

- Added Persona 5 (CUSA05877) Compendium CHT file for 4.55

- Updated Bloodborne (CUSA00207) with CHT file for firm 5.05 and update 1.0.9

- Added God or War 4 (CUSA07410) and CHT file (compiled together)

     * Italian Fix CHT file also added

- Added Monster Hunter World (CUSA07708) and CHT file for 5.05

- Added Tekken 7 (CUSA06014) CHT file for 5.05

== External addons and optimisations ==

- Added site notifications / news that are accessible next to the Page title (it's the pulsing red bubble)

- Added PS4 Cheat List changelog page at

== Final Note ==

With PS4 Cheater out for 5.05, there will be a massive amount of cheats coming out in this month alone! Please bear with me as I will take time to add all what I find one by one.

This project is maintained in my free time,

If you wish to contribute, take a look at -

Donations are welcome at -
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JDsnyke committed Jun 8, 2018
1 parent e452e05 commit 6e825d0dba1d8ea5d84dd50f47a2d0ea32663352

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@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
data|3|6A9F698|2 bytes|99|0|Starter Pistol Ammo|36EDB698
data|3|6AB5EB4|4 bytes|1000000|0|Money|36EF1EB4
data|3|68272D8|4 bytes|5000|1|Zombie/Nightmare/Dead Ops Health|36C632D8
data|3|6A9F6A0|2 bytes|99|0|Mark 2 Raygun Ammo|36EDB6A0
data|3|6A9F6A4|2 bytes|3|0|Gursh Device|36EDB6A4
data|3|6A9F6A0|2 bytes|99|0|BRM Ammo|36EDB6A0
data|3|6A9F6A0|2 bytes|99|0|Thunder Gun Ammo|36EDB6A0
data|3|64BE92C|4 bytes|10|0|Fake Round Skip (FOR SHOW)|368FA92C
data|3|6A9F69C|2 bytes|99|0|Nightmare Primary Ammo|36EDB69C
data|3|6A9F694|4 bytes|3|0|Nightmare Grenades|36EDB694
data|3|6A9F698|4 bytes|3|0|Nightmare Frag Grenades|36EDB698
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
data|17|C674D4|4 bytes|999999|1|Inf Echoes|2082674D4
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
data|335|2FBE3E0|4 bytes|30|0|Soft Svartalfheim Steel|10831BE3E0
data|335|2FBF060|4 bytes|0|0|Fog / Mist Echoes|10831BF060
data|335|2FBDAA0|4 bytes|985462|0|Hacksilver|10831BDAA0
data|335|2FBD8E0|4 bytes|85426|0|XP|10831BD8E0
data|335|2FBE720|4 bytes|30|0|Cold Mist of Nilfhelm|10831BE720
data|335|2FBE4A0|4 bytes|0|0|Frost / Frozen Flame|10831BE4A0
data|335|2FBF0A0|4 bytes|0|0|Nielfhelm Recumbent / Alloy|10831BF0A0
data|335|2FBF160|4 bytes|0|0|Ivalddis Rusty Armor|10831BF160
data|335|2FBF0E0|4 bytes|0|0|Dunst Mesh / Haze Wave|10831BF0E0
data|335|2FBF120|4 bytes|0|0|Ashes - Asenfluch / Aesirbane |10831BF120
data|335|2FC18A0|4 bytes|30|0|Overlapping Resurrection Stone|10831C18A0
data|335|2FC18A0|4 bytes|30|0|Surviving Resurrection Stone|10831C18A0
data|335|2FBE5E0|4 bytes|0|0|Chaos Flame|10831BE5E0
data|335|2FBEE20|4 bytes|0|0|Smoldering Embers|10831BEE20
data|335|2FBDE20|4 bytes|0|0|Aegis Gold|10831BDE20
data|335|2FBE420|4 bytes|0|0|Solid Steel|10831BE420
data|335|2FBE7E0|4 bytes|30|0|World Serpent Scale Fragment|10831BE7E0
data|340|2FBEE60|4 bytes|4294967295|0|Crest of Flame|10831BEE60
data|340|2FBEEA0|4 bytes|4294967295|0|Greater Crest of Flame|10831BEEA0
data|339|2FC1760|4 bytes|1000|0|Corrupted Remnant|10831C1760
data|339|2FC1F60|4 bytes|1000|0|Apples|10831C1F60
data|339|2FBF1A0|4 bytes|5|0|Mist Archor|10831BF1A0
data|339|2FBE7A0|4 bytes|1000|0|Dust Of Realms|10831BE7A0
data|339|2FBEC20|4 bytes|1000|0|Perfect Asgard Steel|10831BEC20
data|339|2FBE9A0|4 bytes|1000|0|Asgard Steel|10831BE9A0
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
data|335|2FBD8E0|4 bytes|5000000|0|XP|10831BD8E0
data|335|2FBDAA0|4 bytes|5000000|0|Hacksilver|10831BDAA0
data|335|2FC1760|4 bytes|1000|0|Corrupted Remnant|10831C1760
data|335|2FBDE20|4 bytes|1000|0|Aegir's Gold|10831BDE20
data|335|2FBE4A0|4 bytes|1000|0|Frozen Flame|10831BE4A0
data|335|2FC1F60|4 bytes|1000|0|Apples|10831C1F60
data|335|2FBE3E0|4 bytes|1000|0|Soft Svarta|10831BE3E0
data|335|2FC1F60|4 bytes|1000|0|Apples|10831C1F60
data|335|2FBF060|4 bytes|500000|0|Mist Echo|10831BF060
data|335|2FBF0E0|4 bytes|1000|0|Haze wave|10831BF0E0
data|335|2FBEE20|4 bytes|1000|0|Smouldering Ember|10831BEE20
data|335|2FBF0A0|4 bytes|1000|0|Niflheim Alloy|10831BF0A0
data|335|2FBEEA0|4 bytes|1000|0|Greater Crest of Flame|10831BEEA0
data|335|2FBF120|4 bytes|1000|0|Aesirbane|10831BF120
data|335|2FBEE60|4 bytes|1000|0|Crest of Flame|10831BEE60
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
simple pointer|pointer|float|@523E5C8_3_F765C8+7A0+148+0+8F0+10+10+8+64|data|float|150|0|Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@4424C90_3_15CC90+10+10+10+10+10+40+60+6C|data|4 bytes|1496250|0|Money|
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
data|84|100B8|4 bytes|9999999|1|Millionaire|205B800B8
data|508|29E0|4 bytes|9999999|1|Millionaire|2B34529E0
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