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""" Setting """
set nocompatible " Changes other options.
syntax enable " Turn on syntax highlighting.
filetype plugin indent on " Turn on file type detection.
set showcmd " Display incomplete commands.
set showmode " Display the mode you're in.
set ruler " Show cursor position.
set backspace=indent,eol,start " Intuitive backspacing.
set hidden " Handle multiple buffers better.
set wildmenu " Enhanced command line completion.
set wildmode=list:longest " Complete files like a shell.
set ignorecase " Case-insensitive searching.
set smartcase " Case-sensitive if it contains a capital.
set incsearch " Highlight matches as you type.
set hlsearch " Highlight matches.
set nobackup " Don't backup before overwriting a file.
set nowritebackup " And again.
set directory=$HOME/.vim/tmp//,. " Keep swap files in one location.
set tabstop=2 " Global tab width.
set shiftwidth=2 " And again, related.
set expandtab " Use spaces instead of tabs.
""" Keys """
let mapleader=","