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module LambdaDash
class Map_Calculator
# On Abort
# All lambdas collected multiply by 25 plus current score
# On Immediate Abort
# Multiply by collected lambdas 25 plus current score
# On Exit
# All lambdas mulitply by 50
# Decision points
# If the steps to the lift are more/less then the difference on Abort or Exit by lift
# Notes:
# If you have make a move under a rock you have to have a way to exit to the left or the right
Search optimizer ideas:
Quadrants to determine a honeypot score for parts of the map.
This score should depend upon the distance of the quadrant to the robot. As in the easiest way/path for the robot to move to the quadrant and the difference bewtween the possible points scored and the cost of moving there.
Micro and Macro searching.