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Adding the game code from chapter 5.

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+(defvar nodes '((living-room (you are in the living-room.
+ a wizard is snoring loudly on the couch.))
+ (garden (you are in a beautiful garden.
+ there is a well in front of you.))
+ (attic (you are in the attic.
+ there is a giant welding torch in the corner.))))
+(defun describe-location (location nodes)
+ (cadr (assoc location nodes)))
+(defvar edges '((living-room (garden west door)
+ (attic upstairs ladder))
+ (garden (living-room east door))
+ (attic (living-room downstairs ladder))))
+(defun describe-path (edge)
+ `(there is a ,(caddr edge) going ,(cadr edge) from here.))
+(defun describe-paths (location edges)
+ (apply 'append (mapcar 'describe-path (cdr (assoc location edges)))))
+(defvar objects '(whiskey bucket frog chain))
+(defvar object-locations '((whiskey living-room)
+ (bucket living-room)
+ (chain garden)
+ (frog garden)))
+(defun objects-at (loc objs obj-loc)
+ (labels ((is-at (obj)
+ (eq (cadr (assoc obj obj-loc)) loc)))
+ (remove-if-not 'is-at objs)))
+(defun describe-objects (loc objs obj-loc)
+ (labels ((describe-obj (obj)
+ `(you see a ,obj on the floor.)))
+ (apply 'append (mapcar 'describe-obj (objects-at loc objs obj-loc)))))
+(defvar location 'living-room)
+(defun look ()
+ (append (describe-location location nodes)
+ (describe-paths location edges)
+ (describe-objects location objects object-locations)))
+(defun walk (direction)
+ (labels ((correct-way (edge)
+ (eq (cadr edge) direction)))
+ (let ((next (find-if 'correct-way (cdr (assoc location edges)))))
+ (if next
+ (progn (setf location (car next))
+ (look))
+ '(you cannot go that way.)))))
+(defun pickup (object)
+ (cond ((member object (objects-at location objects object-locations))
+ (push (list object 'body) object-locations)
+ `(you are now carrying the ,object))
+ (t '(you cannot get that.))))
+(defun inventory ()
+ (cons 'items- (objects-at 'body objects object-locations)))

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