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Change Log

Below is a complete listing of changes for each revision of Oklahoma Mixer.


  • Added the read_only?() method

  • Added error handling for Table Databases queries

  • Added support for Table Databases queries on read only databases

  • Added support for iteration blocks to Table Databases searches

  • Modified Table Databases blocks to yield tuples consistent with the iterators

  • Improved count() performance by removing unneeded document conversion

  • Improved paginate() performance by avoiding double type conversion


  • Added the empty?() method

  • Added the ability to set an Array of duplicates at once for B+Tree Databases

  • Added Table Database support (document storage, queries/searches, and indexes)

  • Switched to autoloading database interfaces as they are used


  • Added a to_hash() iterator that can preserve defaults

  • Added B+Tree Database support (order functions, key ranges, and duplicate storages)

  • Added Fixed-length Database (indexing and iterating by ID's, support for special ID constants, and size limits)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Ruby to crash during GC after storing a value with the duplication handler block


  • Initial public release with Hash Database support