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= Hacking on Prawn
A stub file that'll eventually get bigger
Install test-spec, pdf-reader, and mocha from RubyGems
Be sure to load in the necessary git submodules as well:
git submodule init
git submodule update
If you are running on Ruby 1.9.1, you will need Test::Unit 1.2.3
gem install test-unit -v 1.2.3
== Patch process
1. File a ticket:
2. Fork Prawn on Github, make your changes
3. Submit pull request so Gregory is notified
4. Include your ticket number in commit messages
If you are working on a ticket that has already been created, skip step 1.
All feature enhancements should come with an example in the examples/ dir,
and preferably, some specs.
All bug reports should have a reproducible example in bugs/ and preferably,
some specs.
== Support
Find us in #prawn on
<sandal> - Gregory Brown
<yob> - James Healy
Otherwise, use the mailing list: