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RLA is set up like a simple pipe and filter system.
This allows you to easily add extra reports, filters and outputs.
-1) Build pipeline.
-> Aggregator (database)
Source -> Filter -> Filter -> Aggregator (summary report) -> Output
-> Aggregator (...)
-2) Start chunk producer and push chunks through pipeline.
- Controller.start
+When the pipeline has been constructed, we Start chunk producer (source) and push requests through pipeline.
+ Controller.start
=== Source
RequestLogAnalyzer::Source is an Object that pushes requests into the chain.
@@ -32,12 +31,11 @@ For example: the Database aggregator will just store all the requests into a SQL
generate a wide range of statistical reports from them.
=== Running the pipeline
-3) Gather output from pipeline.
All Aggregators are asked to report what they have done. For example the database will report: I stuffed x requests
into SQLite database Y. The Summarizer will output its reports.
The output is pushed to a RequestLogAnalyzer::Output object, which takes care of the output.
It can generate either ASCII, UTF8 or even HTML output.

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