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%title Samples of pagination styling for will_paginate
%link{ :rel => 'stylesheet', :type => 'text/css', :href => 'pagination.css' }
%style{ :type => 'text/css' }
:margin 0
:padding 0
:background #999
:font normal 76% "Lucida Grande", Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif
:margin 2em
:padding 2em
:border 2px solid gray
:background white
:color #222
:font-size 2em
:font-weight normal
:margin 0 0 1em 0
:font-size 1.4em
:margin 1em 0 .5em 0
:font-size 13px
:font-family Monaco, "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Mono", "Courier New", monospace
- pagination = '<span class="disabled prev_page">&laquo; Previous</span> <span class="current">1</span> <a href="./?page=2" rel="next">2</a> <a href="./?page=3">3</a> <a href="./?page=4">4</a> <a href="./?page=5">5</a> <a href="./?page=6">6</a> <a href="./?page=7">7</a> <a href="./?page=8">8</a> <a href="./?page=9">9</a> <span class="gap">&hellip;</span> <a href="./?page=29">29</a> <a href="./?page=30">30</a> <a href="./?page=2" rel="next" class="next_page">Next &raquo;</a>'
- pagination_no_page_links = '<span class="disabled prev_page">&laquo; Previous</span> <a href="./?page=2" rel="next" class="next_page">Next &raquo;</a>'
%h1 Samples of pagination styling for will_paginate
Find these styles in <b>"examples/pagination.css"</b> of <i>will_paginate</i> library.
There is a Sass version of it for all you sassy people.
Read about good rules for pagination:
%a{ :href => '' } Pagination 101
%em Warning:
page links below don't lead anywhere (so don't click on them).
%h2 Unstyled pagination <span style="font-weight:normal">(<i>ewww!</i>)</span>
%div= pagination
.digg_pagination= pagination
%h2 Digg-style, no page links
.digg_pagination= pagination_no_page_links
%p Code that renders this:
%pre= '<code>%s</code>' % %[<%= will_paginate @posts, :page_links => false %>].gsub('<', '&lt;').gsub('>', '&gt;')
%h2 Digg-style, extra content
.page_info Displaying entries <b>1&nbsp;-&nbsp;6</b> of <b>180</b> in total
= pagination
%p Code that renders this:
%pre= '<code>%s</code>' % %[<div class="digg_pagination">\n <div clas="page_info">\n <%= page_entries_info @posts %>\n </div>\n <%= will_paginate @posts, :container => false %>\n</div>].gsub('<', '&lt;').gsub('>', '&gt;')
%h2 store
.apple_pagination= pagination
= pagination
.page_info (118 photos)