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Haydar Mehryar edited this page Sep 22, 2021 · 10 revisions

Welcome to the Jet Energy-loss Tomography with a Statistically and Computationally Advanced Program Envelope (JETSCAPE) wiki!

Please see the Installation page for instructions on installing JETSCAPE.

JETSCAPE is a modular task based framework: A heavy-ion collision, or a p-p collision, is treated as a series of tasks which are called in some pre-specified order.

Each of these tasks can be done using a user defined method e.g. energy loss of a hard parton can be carried out using the MATTER, MARTINI, LBT or AdS/CFT module, or any combination thereof, or any user defined method.

The list of tasks and the method for each task are determined in the test files in the examples directory.

Changing the tasks is a little involved, you may need to get a hold of one of us to do that. Adding a new method to a task is trivial, just look at any of the test files.

We have provided at least one method for each of the allowed tasks, so that in some cases, e.g. in energy-loss there is some choice on what you can do. In some other cases, e.g., initial state, there is only one choice, unless you would like to make your own method. Happy Colliding!

(We plan to update this wiki from time to time. Please check back here frequently.)