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***Deprecated, use new individual repos*** FlexSEA: Flexible, Scalable Electronics Architecture. MIT Media Lab Biomechatronics (
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// MIT Media Lab - Biomechatronics
// Jean-Francois (Jeff) Duval
// jfduval -at-
// 02/2016
// FlexSEA: Flexible & Scalable Electronics Architecture

As of 02/10/2016, the best sources of documentation are:

Two papers describing the system have been submitted to an IEEE Conference. Links will be added when available.

  • "FlexSEA: Flexible, Scalable Electronics Architecture for Wearable Robotic Applications"
  • "FlexSEA-Execute: Advanced Motion Controller for Wearable Robotic Applications"

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about the project.

'flexsea-comm': generic communication stack, can be used by any project. All it "knows" is that if you receive command code 22, you can a function named flexsea_payload_22

2'flexsea-system': wraps around the communication stack, and provides project-specific names, functions, etc. It has nicknames for function like flexsea_payload_22; it's re-defined as rx_cmd_data_read_all (Receive Command from the Data functions to Read All variables)

'plan-gui': Qt GUI code (the old version with horrible code (but it works!), new stuff isn't public yet)

// Hardware Naming Convention:
// ================================

  • Plan: Embedded Computer
    • Complex algorithms, data-logging, user interfaces, ...
    • Hard/soft: BeagleBone Black running Linux. C, Python, Matlab.
  • Manage: Data acquisition and mid-level computing
    • Connected to Plan. Gathers sensor data, connect to slaves
    • Hard/soft: STM32F4 Cortex-M4. C.
  • Execute: Advanced Motion Controller
    • Everything linked to motion control.
    • Hard/soft: Programmable System on Chip (PSoC). C, HDL, graphical.

// Directories (alphabetical order):
// ================================

  • batt: "FlexSEA-Battery" project, power analysis and datalogging.
    • Intern project, never fully completed. Use with care.
  • common: Communication stack for all the boards.
  • execute-cop: code for the PSoC 4 co-processor found on FlexSEA-Execute
  • execute-gui-1: Qt C++ GUI to be used with FlexSEA-Execute
  • execute: PSoC 5LP code for FlexSEA-Execute (motor driver)
  • manage: STM32F4 Eclipse project for FlexSEA-Manage
  • misc: BeagleBone Black config files, some python scripts, ...
  • plan: Eclipse C project to control a FLexSEA network. Can be compiled for the BeagleBone Black or for a native Linux machine. Note that FlexSEA-GUI is based on this project.
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