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JavaFX themes / styles that can be used to give applications a different look and feel.


Sample CAD app using JMetro Sample DansoftOnwer FXTaskbarProgressBar


Documentation of JMetro can be found in this link: JMetro Java, Javafx theme documentation.

Getting JMetro

You can get the jar from Maven Central or download it from the releases tab

Here are examples for Gradle and Maven (replace version number with the version you want):


implementation 'org.jfxtras:jmetro:11.6.15'



Source code

We have two important branches:

  • master -> JavaFX 11 and above / Java 11 and above (actively developed branch)
  • jdk-8 -> JavaFX 8 / Java 8 (maintenance mode, no active development is ongoing)

The master branch is being tested using JavaFX 11.

The jmetro-samples subproject has samples that you can run and also check out how to use JMetro.

Java 8 version

The "jdk-8" branch has the code for versions 8 of JMetro which are meant to run with Java 8. It is in maintenance mode, no active development is ongoing. If you want me to add features or make backports from the "master" branch please consider sponsoring those changes.

Pull Requests (PR)

We welcome contributions via PR.
Before submitting a PR, please file an issue for prior discussion. This will avoid you wasting time with a PR that might not be approved because, for instance, it might be outside the intended scope of the project.

Filing bugs

When filing bugs it's most often good practice to attach a small sample app (as small, simple and with the fewest lines of code as possible). This app when executed, should show the bug happening.
The reason for this is the limited amount of resources and time I have and also because in the process of filing a bug, developers sometimes discover that the bug isn't in the library but somewhere else.
Without a small example app the issue might be closed prematurely.

Feedback request

Please show pictures of your application that is using JMetro or share it through social media. This is very important for us to know how users are effectively using it and make adjustments accordingly, to make JMetro better, and, only if you allow it, to showcase example uses.
Seeing JMetro being used is also always a source of motivation to keep working on it.


JFXtras uses the new BSD license