Markdown Writer FX
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Markdown Writer FX

Markdown Writer FX

An open source Markdown editor written in JavaFX 8.

Markdown Writer FX Screenshot

For Markdown rendering it uses commonmark-java or flexmark-java, two Java implementations of the CommonMark specification.


  • Syntax highlighting in editor
  • Keyboard shortcuts to insert Markdown (Bold, Italic, Code, Links, Images, Header, Lists, ...)
  • Auto-indent lists
  • search and replace
  • HTML preview
  • HTML source preview
  • Markdown AST view
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, ...


  • auto-complete
  • more options
  • directory tree view
  • spell checker
  • TBD


Java 8u40 or later is required. Java 8u131 or later is recommended. Java 9 is not supported. Coming soon.


Download and extract it to any folder.


  • for Windows, bin/markdown-writer-fx.bat to start Markdown Writer FX
  • and for Unix systems ./bin/ to start Markdown Writer FX

from the project folder.


Prerequisites are git and Java 8 in order to build Markdown Writer FX form sources.

  • get the source, e.g. by cloning the official repo with: git clone
  • run ./gradlew assembleDist to create the distribution in the $project/build/distributions/ folder.


See Change Log



Markdown Writer FX is open source licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License