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How to containerize C++ applications using Conan and OpenShift S2I

Clone project

git clone && cd project-examples/openshift-s2i-examples/cpp-conan

Install source-to-image / s2i / sti

Follow the instructions to install s2i

Generate the builder image that includes conan, make, gcc 7.x

docker build -t cpp-conan-builder:0.1 .

  • The builder image uses conan to modularize a C++ application.

Containerize C++ application using s2i

s2i build cpp-conan-builder:0.1 timer-app:0.1

  • C++ dependencies including the transitive dependencies are pulled from conan-center.
  • C++ packages can also be pulled from Artifactory since conan repositories are supported.

Access tokens can be used to authenticate with Artifactory $RT_URL and access conan repositories

export RESPONSE=$(curl -H "X-JFrog-Art-Api:$RT_API_KEY" -XPOST "$RT_URL/api/security/token" -d "username=$RT_USER" -d "scope=member-of-groups:readers" -d "expires_in=600")

export RT_ACCESS_TOKEN=$(echo "$RESPONSE"| jq -r .access_token) 

s2i build cpp-conan-builder:0.1 timer-app:0.1 -e "RT_CONAN_URL=http://art-url/artifactory/api/conan/conan-local" -e "RT_USER=$RT_USER" -e "RT_ACCESS_TOKEN=$RT_ACCESS_TOKEN" 

Run your C++ application

docker run -it timer-app:0.1

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