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A Pub-Sub system for the distributed web - my master thesis @ IST
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Scaling PubSub over the Distributed Web

  • João Antunes M.Sc Thesis
  • Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • 2017-2018/2019
  • Advisors:


JS-Pulsarcast - A javascript implementation of pulsarcast, using libp2p

Project Description


The publish-subscribe paradigm is a wildly popular form of communication in complex distributed systems. A lot of research exists around it, with solutions ranging from centralised message brokers, to fully decentralised scenarios. When we are focusing on scalability, decentralisation poses the best option. There is, however, a clear lack of decentralised systems accounting for reliability, message delivery guarantees and, more importantly, persistence. To this end, we present PulsarCast, a decentralised, highly scalable, pubsub system seeking to give guarantees that are traditionally associate with a centralised architecture such as persistence and delivery guarantees.


The solution we propose is a pub-sub module to IPFS with a strong focus on reliability, delivery guarantees and data persistence, while maintaining the ability to scale to a vast number of users, using the network infrastructure we have in place today. There is also, to the best of our knowledge, a lack of pub-sub systems with such a strong focus on persistence, which is something our solution does.


Publications & Talks


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