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SharpUltimateTools Awesome

SharpUltimateTools is a large repository of scripts for use in any C# program. It contains the following:

  • OSInfo - Contains many classes that return information about the current Windows installation. This includes Architecture, Edition, Name, Product Key, Service Pack, User Info and Version.
  • HWInfo - Contains many classes that return information about the current computer hardware. This includes BIOS, Network, OEM, Processor, RAM and Storage.
  • SecurityTools - Contains methods surrounding hashing and encryption. Includes methods using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512. Also includes encryption/decryption with RSA.
  • CommandInfo - Allows you to run any console command and will return the result to a string to use within your program. You can also run the command elevated and it will open in a new cmd window and show the results. Note: If elevated, result cannot be returned as a string.
  • DBTools - Contains methods to communicate with a database. It currently supports only SQLite and does not require you to import any of the SQLite libraries.
  • ProgramInfo - Returns info about the current assembly. This includes Title, Version, Description, Product Name, Copyright, Company, Startup Path and ExecutablePath. Also contains a method to save embedded resouces to disk.
  • WebTools - Contains utilities for HTML and JSON.
  • And Much More!

If you would like a more details check out the CLASSDESCRIPTION.md file. I will be updating this with more documentation soon.


Want to contribute? Great! Any help with development is greatly appreciated. If you want to add something or fix any typos please submit a pull request and if it is helpful it may be merged. Please check out our Code of Conduct for Contributors.


This project is currently at version 1.1 - Download v1.1

NOTE: This program requires framework 4.5. If you need a version that runs on a previous framework feel free to open a Feature Request and I will post one.


Creative Commons License
SharpUltimateTools by J&G CompTech is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.