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@TwinkieXLII TwinkieXLII released this Feb 6, 2021

New Features from Community

  • Better Tool Switching, keep the print head from starting over print (#14) - Thanks @mikejr83
  • Independent estep configuration for Hotends. - Thanks @bodinjm
  • Fixed Filament Runout sensor triggering change at print start.

New Features from Marlin Upstream

This list is only improvements that affect the Artist-D Users and Developers.
See Full Marlin 2.0.2 Release Notes


  • Configurations moved to the MarlinFirmware/Configurations repo
  • Per-tool defaults for G12 Nozzle Clean
  • New tuning options for G2/G3 arc segmenting

Hosts and UI

Fixed issues with Touch UI FTDI Eve
Permit more RRW Keypad / LCD combinations

  • Slightly slimmer slim menus
  • Retain SD working directory on file write/delete
  • Fix serial output redirection for injected commands

New Features

  • Add G60/G61 position save / restore
  • Add Heated bed probe temperature compensation

Issues Patched

  • Fix errant timeout in response to M85

For Developers

  • Improved STM32 build settings and timer allocation


Before flashing to your printer write down any modified settings such as tool offsets, extruder steps, etc. This will process will set your printer's settings back to how it was out of the box

  1. Download Robin_pro.bin from this release page
  2. Place the file on the SD card. The filename must not be changed.
  3. Power down the printer
  4. Place SD card in the printer
  5. Power the printer on.

The screen should say "updating" with a percentage. Do not power the printer off or remove the SD card during this process. The printer will reboot when it is finished and you will see the JGMaker bootscreen followed by the Marlin bootscreen.
Your printer should now be updated
A good final task after any update is to reset the EEPROM for the printer. Go to the Configuration menu and scroll down to "Initialize EEPROM". Select this value. This will reset all stored settings to their defaults.

At any point you wish to go back to the original firmware you can download it from JGMaker's site and follow the same steps as above.

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