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60 seconds to answer 10 questions
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In this assignment, You'll create a Trivia game using JavaScript for the logic and jQuery to manipulate HTML. Be sure to layout this app with valid HTML and stylish CSS. You'll create a trivia form with multiple choice or true/false options (your choice).

The player will have a limited amount of time to finish the quiz.

The game ends when the time runs out. The page will reveal the number of questions that players answer correctly and incorrectly. Don't let the player pick more than one answer per question.

Don't forget to include a countdown timer.

On the final screen, show the number of correct answers, incorrect answers, and an option to restart the game (without reloading the page).

Game instructions:

The game has questions from different subjects and you have 30 seconds to answer 10 questions.

Built With:

HTML, CSS and javascript

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